In a remarkable turn of events during a rugby match between England and Japan, an unusual assist came into play. This was not your typical pass or strategic move; instead, it involved the head of English prop Joe Marler.

England had been finding it challenging to penetrate Japan’s defense. The Japanese team held strong, preventing their opponents from making significant inroads towards scoring points. It seemed as if they had successfully managed to stifle England’s offensive strategies.

However, everything changed when Joe Marler became involved in what can only be described as an extraordinary moment on the field 🏉.

Marler is known for his robust physique and formidable presence on the pitch – traits that are crucial for his position as a prop forward. In this role, he typically engages directly with opponents in scrums and mauls while also providing support to teammates during line-outs and rucks.

Yet no one could have predicted how Marler would contribute to breaking down Japan’s defenses during this particular game. As play continued around him, the ball somehow found its way towards him at speed.

Instead of catching it or knocking it away with his hands (as most players might instinctively do), something unexpected happened: The ball struck Marler squarely on the head before bouncing forwards onto Courtney Lawes who then scored for England!

This fortuitous deflection off Marler’s head turned out to be just what England needed to gain some momentum against their resilient adversaries from Japan. It led directly to Lawes’ try – thus proving instrumental in helping them seize control of proceedings once again after struggling initially against solid defensive resistance offered by their rivals

While such incidents may seem bizarrely comical or even farcical upon first viewing them unfold live or replayed footage later on TV highlights shows etc., they nonetheless underscore inherent unpredictability which makes sports like rugby so exciting watch follow closely whether you’re seasoned fan newcomer alike

So here we have witnessed yet another memorable moment in rugby history, one that will likely be replayed and talked about for years to come. This quirky incident involving Joe Marler’s head has shown us once again why we love this game: It is unpredictable, full of surprises, and never fails to entertain.

In conclusion, the England-Japan match served as a reminder of how even seemingly minor incidents can have major impacts on the outcome of games. And while it was certainly an unusual way for England to score points against Japan, no doubt they were more than happy with the result!