The world of sports is always full of surprises and unexpected moments that leave fans in awe. One such moment occurred when Clive Woodward, a former England rugby player, made an unconventional move during a game – heading the ball! ⚽

It was not just any ordinary game but one where stakes were high. The incident took place years ago yet it still manages to create quite a stir on social media platforms whenever mentioned or discussed.

One can’t help but remember Joe Marler’s ‘assist’ for England against Japan which had everyone buzzing on social media. But what many don’t realize is that this wasn’t the first time something like this happened in Rugby history.

Woodward did it before it became cool; he headed the ball during a match while playing for Leicester team, creating an unforgettable scene that left spectators both amused and amazed at his audacity to break convention with such flair.

This unusual technique came as no surprise to those who knew him well. Steve Kenney, Woodward’s former teammate from Leicester explained how much Woodward loved experimenting with wacky ideas even as a player.

His out-of-the-box thinking extended beyond just gameplay strategies; he was known for his innovative approach towards training sessions too. He believed in taking risks and pushing boundaries whether it involved devising new drills or trying different moves on field – all aimed at giving their team an edge over opponents.

What makes this particular instance stand out though is how smoothly he executed the header without missing beat despite being surrounded by rival players ready to pounce on any opportunity given!

While some might argue about its effectiveness or relevance today considering safety concerns around head injuries in contact sports like rugby, there’s no denying fact: It certainly added element excitement into otherwise predictable play sequence making memorable impression among viewers worldwide thereby etching name forever annals sporting folklore legend who dared defy norms way only could have done so brilliantly!

And thus continues legacy inspiring future generation athletes strive excellence never afraid challenge status quo when it comes pushing boundaries their respective fields. So, next time you see an unusual move during a game, remember Clive Woodward – the man who dared to head the ball in Rugby and made history!