In a remarkable display of rugby, England had been finding it challenging to penetrate Japan’s defense. However, an unexpected event turned the tide in their favor – a handy deflection off Joe Marler’s head.

Joe Marler, known for his prowess as a prop forward for England’s national team and Harlequins in Premiership Rugby, found himself at the center of this unusual incident during the match against Japan. The game was tense; both teams were giving everything they got on the field.

England had been trying relentlessly to break down Japan’s robust defensive line but with little success until that moment when fortune smiled upon them through one of their own players’ heads!

As play continued, Courtney Lawes took possession of the ball and attempted to score for England. In what can only be described as an extraordinary sequence of events 🏉 , Lawes’ shot bounced forward off none other than Joe Marler’s head! This unintentional assist by Marler led directly to a try being scored.

The crowd watched in disbelief as the ball ricocheted from Marler’s skull right into position allowing Lawes to secure points crucially needed by England.The sudden change caught everyone by surprise including Japanese defenders who could do nothing but watch helplessly as Lawles crossed over their line scoring for his side.

This surprising turn gave England much-needed momentum which they used effectively throughout rest part of match maintaining pressure on Japanese defence.It also provided fans with memorable highlight reel moment that will likely be talked about years come

Marlers accidental contribution not only assisted securing win but also served reminder how unpredictable exciting sport rugby can sometimes be.With every player contributing best possible way even if means using parts body traditionally associated playing ball!

While some might argue luck played significant role outcome game,it is clear skill determination showed entire English squad especially pivotal moments like these ultimately made difference end.So while we celebrate unique assists such Joe’s ‘head’,it should take away fact that it was team effort led England’s victory.

Indeed, this unusual incident is a testament to the unpredictability and excitement of rugby. It’s moments like these that remind us why we love sports – for their ability to surprise, thrill, and inspire. And while Marler’s head may have been in the spotlight for this game, it was undoubtedly the collective effort and determination of all players on the field that led to England’s victory over Japan.

In conclusion, Joe Marler’s unintentional assist with his head will be remembered as one of those unexpected moments that make sports so enthralling. This event underscores how every moment counts in a match and how even seemingly insignificant actions can have significant consequences in determining its outcome.